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Third Grade

                                                    Welcome to Alhambra 3rd Grade
Please take a moment to look at the subject guidelines below

Hi, my name is Linda Stearns.  I began my teaching career in 1992.  In the past I have taught special education classes, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and now third grade.  I am excited to be teaching at Alhambra Primary! 

Email Linda Sterns: lstearns@highlandcusd5.org

The subjects taught at this grade level are reading, English, spelling, math, social studies, and science.

Reading instruction is given through both novel units and the basal. Comprehension and summarization are key areas of focus. In addition, projects are sometimes incorporated as a part of evaluating comprehension.

In English, much writing is completed. Students write nearly an essay per week. They also create much additional writing in a variety of different genres. They complete all stages of writing. They begin with prewriting, go through peer editing, and end with a final draft. 

Spelling is taught by using the text. Students are encouraged to "sound out" words and use the spelling "rules" to help them learn.

Math is focused upon highly. Students are expected to know their facts well. Timed tests are even given so that mastery is ensured. Practice, practice, practice helps all students to gain a solid understanding of all basic concepts.

Social studies, and science are all taught by using both the texts and by using hands-on projects, or experiments. It is not unusual for students to perform a play, or test a hypothesis. In addition, note-taking techniques are taught and used in these subject areas.