Students are recognized for a large variety of accomplishments throughout the school year. This could include academic achievement, winning a contest, providing a service, etc. Students receive recognition at school in the morning assembly, in “The Leopard’s Path,” and in the newspaper at the time of the event. Often they are recognized with certificates, ribbons, or other appropriate symbols of their success.

At the end of each year, students will select one boy and one girl from their class that best exemplifies the VIP character traits that are taught all year. These 12 students will be recognized by receiving an individual award and will have their picture in the newspaper.

The purpose of this program is to recognize those students who are doing something extra to make the school a success. Each month students can earn a "gotcha ticket" for displaying the current VIP word of the month character quality. These students will have their picture in the newspaper and will get a cookies and milk with the principal

Students in second grade have the opportunity to participate in an essay contest among their classmates about recycling. Two winners will be chosen to attend the Madison County Earth Flag Celebration and represent Alhambra Primary in the spring.

A second honor bestowed upon one second grade student is to be chosen by teachers and staff to represent Alhambra Primary at the Illinois Principal Association Student Recognition Breakfast. This student is chosen because they display academic, social and leadership traits.