Art Class is taught by Mrs. Jody Venhaus every Friday. Each class has 30 minutes of art. You will be amazed with the things they learn.
Awards Students are recognized for a large variety of accomplishments throughout the school year. This could... (cont'd)
Growing Up Well
Growing Up Well is a program aimed at educating students about healthy, safe and responsible choices.  Lessons are facilitated by Mrs. Wendy Phillips, school social worker.  This program also aims to educate students and give students the tools to and permission to say "no", and make healthy decisions in regards to drug and alcohol use.  Growing Up Well lessons also address peer pressure, feelings, bullying, accepting differences and making good choices.  Lessons are presented using puppets, stories, videos, discussion and activities, and occur in the classroom with the classroom teacher present.
Students in kindergarten, first and second grade will be attending physical education classes two times per week for a 30 minute period.

Pillars are parent volunteers who help with various jobs around the building. They perform such tasks such as working in the library, filling Friday folders, making copies for teachers, and assisting teachers with special classroom projects.
Pillars volunteers are a very important part of our school. They enable the teachers to enhance and extend classroom curriculums and they provide needed attention to individual students. 

Please inquire with our office at 618.488.2200 if you are interested in becoming a Pillar for our school.

Reading Recovery Reading Recovery is an early intervention program for first grade students. It is a... (cont'd)
Very Important Principles

Each week children are recognized for demonstrating very important principles.  These students are given a 

VIP Leopards

"Gotcha Ticket".  At the end of the month they have milk and cookies with the principal and their picture is sent to the Highland Newsletter. 

Below is a list of the VIP word we celebrate each month:

August & September:  Responsibility - Knowing and Doing the Right Thing

October:  Courage - Standing Up for What is Right

November:  Respect - Treating Other People as You Would Like to be Treated

December:  Service - Doing All You Can for Others

January:  Honesty - Being True to Yourself and Others

February:  Caring - Showing Concern for Others

March:  Fairness - Being Decent and Reasonable with Others

April:  Self-Control:  Being in Charge of Yourself

May:  Citizenship:  Being an Asset to Your Family, School and Community

Please join us in partnership to help promote these Very Important Principles at home and in the community.