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Welcome to Alhambra Primary Kindergarten. 


Kindergarten is a time for children to expand their love of learning, their general knowledge, and their ability to get along with others. State Law requires that students be 5 years old on or before September 1st to be able to enroll in Kindergarten. It is our hope that all of the students will leave at the end of the year knowing the joy, value, and power of learning. Children learn as they explore, observe, and interact with each other. Kindergarten offers children opportunities to grow in many practical ways. It stimulates their intellect and encourages good social relationships. Kindergarten is a place for success.

Hi, my name is Brenda Grigg. I have enjoyed teaching kindergarten since 1996 and am very proud to be a part of the Highland School District. Brought up in West Frankfort, Illinois, my family valued education. I am a fourth generation school teacher. My grandmother, Artie Grob, taught right here at Alhambra High School.I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from McKendree College and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. I also hold an administrative certificate from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. My family lives in Marine, IL. My husband, Todd, and I have two children, Brendan and Bailey. They keep us busy with basketball, tennis, volleyball, and gymnastics! Our family enjoys sporting events, traveling, and the company of family and friends.

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Hi!  My name is Liz Grotefendt.  I am so excited to be teaching kindergarten at Alhambra Primary.  I love encouraging and helping young children learn and explore.  I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and am also certified in Early Childhood Education.  I have taught fifth and third grade, but fell in love with preschool aged students while teaching at Peppermint Preschool in Highland for five years.  

I was a student at Grantfork Elementary, so the center schools have a special place in my heart.  I am proud to be part of Highland School District.  My husband, Brad, and I have three children, Jack, Drew, and Coreena.  We live in Alhambra and love being part of the community.  Some of my favorite things to do is go on family bike rides and go shopping!

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Here are the ABC's of kindergarten information:

A- Alphabet Knowledge We will learn the letters of the alphabet, how to write and form each letter, and the sounds that the letters make in kindergarten.


B-Backpacks  To help your child carry messages and information to and from school, you are asked to provide a backpack (non-rolling).  Please have your child share the contents of the backpack with you daily.  Backpacks help your child carry folders, notes, projects, and books to and from school.  Please check your child's backpack DAILY.


C- Report Cards  Kindergarten report cards are issued three times a year, in January, March, and May.  These reflect the progress your child has made toward various kindergarten objectives.  Parent/Teacher conferences are held in early November.


D- Discipline  At Alhambra Primary, we use the 1-2-3 Magic Program throughout the entire building.  Our philosophy of discipline is based on the belief that children need affectionate care and definite guidelines.  To establish good order and help children learn self-control, the children are guided to respect themselves and their classmates through specific direction and positive reinforcement.  1-2-3 Magic is a simple yet powerful program designed to "stop" and "start" behaviors.


E- Email  You can contact us at school via email: and 

We are often very busy during the school day. 
We will get back to you as soon as possible.


F- Footwear  Please have your child wear shoes that are appropriate for running and active movement.  Tennis shoes are best.


G- Geography  We learn how students relate to others, their classroom, school, and community.


H- Handwriting  We use Traditional Manuscript Block Print.  We offer many opportunities for writing in our classroom.


I- Illness  The question of when to keep your child home from school is often a difficult one, especially when decisions must be made first thing in the morning.  It is important to keep your child home when they are ill.  Your child can return to school when they have not had vomiting, diarrhea or fever for 24 hours.  This helps prevent others from becoming ill.  Children function more effectively in the classroom when they are healthy.

J- Journals One strategy that will be used to help convey the vital concept that "print conveys meaning" is the frequent use of journal writing. 
In these journals, the kindergartners combine their emerging writing skills with their drawing skills.  As the children are exposed to a variety of phonics and reading experiences, journal entries will move from drawings and inventive spelling towards more conventional writing.

K- Kindergarten Kids  Kindergarten is a special time for your child.  We want to make this year a wonderful experience for you and your child. 
"Kids come first!"

L- Literacy Centers  During literacy centers, children practice reading and writing skills. 
These center activities are designed to strengthen letter/sound knowledge, listening skills, oral language expression, rhyme, letter formation, cooperation, etc.

M- Math  The kindergarten math curriculum provides students with mathematical experiences that help them develop number sense and a positive attitude towards math that will continue through their school career.  We use Scott Forseman Pearson Investigations series, which utilizes a hands-on, problem solving approach.

N- Newsletter  We will be sending home a weekly newsletter to keep you informed of the happenings in our classroom.  This is a great way to stay abreast of our curriculum, classroom news, special activities, and upcoming events.

O- Open Line of Communication  Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions regarding your child throughout the year.  It is our job to work together as partners to help your child have a successful first year.

P-  Parties/Celebrations  We will have whole school parties at Halloween and Christmas.  We also enjoy celebrating your child's birthday.  Kindergarten students send in store/bakery bought or prepackage snacks.  When it is your child's birthday, we will plan to celebrate during our snack time.

Q- Questions  Please contact us if you have any questions.  

Alhambra Primary's phone number is 618-488-2200.

R- Reading  The definition of reading encompasses a wide variety of behaviors.  For example, some children may be working on alphabet recognition, some may require teacher support to read stories with predictable text, while others may read simple texts independently.  We wish to provide an opportunity to teach children a variety of reading strategies they need in order to become more independent readers.

S- Science  Our science curriculum focuses on developing awareness of the world.  Concepts will be presented in both life and earth science including the study of plants, animals, the five senses, four senses, and general health.

T- Transportation  Your child's safety is a top priority.  Please send a note with your child or call the school if your child is to go home a different way.  If no note is received, your child will be sent home by their usual method of transportation.

U- Unique Kindergartners learn that they are special and unique.  Each child in our class is unique and wonderful.

V- Visitors Alhambra Primary has a policy that ALL guests (including familiar faces) are required to sign in at the office and wear a badge or sticker.  Alhambra Primary welcomes and encourages family involvement and the presence of a guest sticker will help identify visitors to faculty and staff.

W- Writing  Writing begins with scribbles and proceeds to lines and circles, random strings of letters, words and spaces, and eventually sentences.  If possible, please provide your child with writing tools, such as pencils, crayons, markers, and paper at home.

X- eXperiences  We will have many wonderful eXperiences this year.

Y- You  Reading to your child is the single most important thing you can do.

Z- ZZZ's  It is very important to make sure your child is getting a good night's sleep at night.  Establish a bedtime routine that allows your child to get 10 hours of sleep each night.  We all function more productively with a good night's sleep.